Monday, 6 April 2015

A nice spot to start the project

I visited Curaçao. I was there for the Plein Air painting festival, as well as to do some research for the Cura Dura project. Before I went there I was in contact with Salomon Bomberg, who started Eco Village SOL at the island. He is a busy man, working on his eco farm near Santa Catharina, together with his brother and some boys (who are educated on the job there). Still he found some time to show me another spot where an ‘eco village’ is possible. I consider that spot ideal for Cura Dura! 
our 'logo' is already there! 

Just outside the outskirts of the neighbourhoods of Willemstad, before the more natural part of the island (Banda’bou) begins, there is an open terrain. A new, ‘green’ housing project is planned there (by FKP, Fundashon Kas Popular). It's called 'Wechi' (or 'Weichi'). At the south of that plan there is a natural hilly ridge. It is not part of the housing plan, but an ‘eco village’ is planned there, with the help of Salomon. Now he doesn’t have much time anymore for that plan, but together we could do it! Will you join us? 
Want to know more? Please contact me, Inge. 
 Here the new neighbourhood is planned 

 This tree indicates 'the spot' 

 In this direction is protected nature 

  The edge between the planned 'eco village' and the protected nature area 

 Cactus on another hill in the ridge 

Can you imagine Cura Dura eco village here too? 

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