Wednesday, 9 December 2015

News from Curaçao

A new permaculture garden at Curaçao

Roland enjoys the tropical climate of Curaçao. But he found out the difficulties too. Curaçao is an island with a low groundwater level. When it rains most of the water flows down to the sea, taking the top layer of soil with it. The wind blowing all the time makes it even dryer. Leaves falling from the trees don't stay underneath, but are blown away. So there isn't much natural composting.
Roland decided to help nature in his garden and made a video of it:

Fruit trees

Roland was very happy to see plenty of room for a foodforest garden around the house. And some large fruit trees are there already! Mango, soursop, noni, pomegranate, marva, moringa, a coconut palm and a seagrape tree. And there is an Aloe vera (as usual in Curaçaoan gardens). Roland discovered even acerola-cherries are growing in his garden. But there are iguanas too, they like to eat from the trees before there is time to harvest!
Iguanas also like eating small seedlings and cuttings. So all seeds are sown in pots in the 'nursery'. There the first bananas are growing, as well as cassava or yucca (Rolands favourite) and turmeric.

Soon to come: Roland visits other permaculturists at Curaçao

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