Monday, 22 February 2016

Crowdfunding for V-Ital

Greenhouses of shadow cloth 

After experimenting for some months at Curaçao, Roland understands 'greenhouses' are needed to grow vegetables in this climate, on this soil. The 'rainy season' ended, it did not bring the expected amount of rain. Green is changing into yellow and brown. September or October, the start of next rainy season, is far away. Permaculture can do a lot of good here, even change the climate for the better!
Growing vegetables at Curaçao during the dry season is only possible with 'greenhouses' of shadow cloth. That's an investment. Roland is glad he found a paid job at Curaçao (tourism). But to build some small 'greenhouses' with a wooden frame and shadow cloth, he asks for help. Greenhouses keep iguanas out too, animals eating vegetables. And Roland wants to start with aquaponics
Iguana at Curaçao 

He calculated: for those investments he needs a total of 700 euros. He asks you all to give him 10 euros. Within a few months he'll send you a bag of moringa tea. Those who give 20 euros will get a bag of marva (wild origano) tea too.
The bank account is: NL42 INGB 0006 7995 46 of A.C. van Reenen, Julianadorp Curaçao. Mention your name and address so you can have your herbal tea(s). Thank you.

Banana circle

In this video Roland and his friend show how they made a 'banana circle':

Soon to come: the vegetables growing at Rolands permaculture garden now.  

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