Wednesday, 9 March 2016


As you know at Curaçao it's hot and the soil is often eroded. There isn't much life in the soil there. In this blog Salomon shows us, in pictures, how to make the life turn back into the soil.

Needed materials:

coconut peel
bokashi (fluid compost and the residu)

Soak the coconut peel and carbon in water with the fluid bokashi compost for 24 hours. The microbes enter the coconut peel and the carbon. 
Dig about 10 cm deep, put the soaked coconut peel and carbon in there. 
Wet it all with the water and bokashi. Put soil back on top. 
Then add cow manure. Keep the soil wet for a few days.

Then start planting. More on the plants will follow later.


In such a hot country protection from the sun is really needed! You can do this with wood chips, at least a 10 cm thick layer.


Bokashi is a fermentation of vegetable and fruit rests with Effective Microbes. It's done in a special airtight closed bucket.

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