Sunday, 17 April 2016

Greening Curaçao part 2

So you understand: only mulching is not sufficient at Curaçao. Best would be to use wood chips, a layer of 12 cm (5”). Because I don't have wood chips, I had to find a way using materials I do have.
I have a large poly bag, it can last at least a year in the sun. I cut it and laid the parts on the soil. 

In this way the soil can stay moist a little longer. 
For two hours I pump air through the water, using a fish-tank-pump. The water is passing an 'emploder', existing of two vortex shapes and two magnets. This makes the water more lively. Then I add bokashi compost and epson salt to the water. This makes the water comparable to rainwater. 

This water mixture I use to wet the soil several times before planting. Then I planted Tayer leaves (Tahitian Spinach, Xanthosoma brasilense).

Next time: more plants and more on the emploder.

Kind regards, Salomon, Eco-village SOL 

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