Friday, 30 December 2016

Project Plan

Next step in the process ... 
  1. Project idea
  • realise CuraDura at Curaçao (make it happen)
  • care for people (including myself) and Earth
  • eat healthy, live healthy, experiment, share the abundance

  1. Founder
Inge Maria (Leonora-)den Ouden, illustrator, certified energy savings advisor and permaculture designer (soon)

  1. Place
  • Curaçao, there where's room to realise it
  • needed: shelter and land and the abundance nature and people offer
  • a place accesible for all kind of people (and animals)
  • developing into a permaculture food forest & educative centre (incl. eco-camp)

  1. Product(s) and service(s)
  • education / advice on permaculture and a healthy lifestyle; other courses / workshops; garden products; creative crafts products; gardening work
  • trading (exchanging) and sharing
  • colaboration with likeminded people

  1. Market
  • target audience: everyone who's willing / interested
  • distribution: at the spot and elsewhere if there's room / transportation
  • development of permaculture → more clients and more produce
  • PR: mouth-to-mouth and internet; provide news for newsmedia

  1. Co-operation
  • encourage colaboration of existing organisations, like v-Ital, SOL, Koperativa Fresku i Orgániko
  • 'each one teach one'

  1. Human resoources
  • who wants to join can do so whenever and in anyy way they want
  • share the products together
  • free and voluntarily
  • at their own risk

  1. Investment
I invest my strength, skills, commitment and knowledge (and curiousity) in this project

  1. Finances
  • basic principle: no money, only the existing abundance
  • needed means: space (room / land), time, natural growth, 'waste material', fysical and emotional commitment
  • in some cases it might be necessary to use money, to pay or get paid (preferably those two are in balance)

  1. Planning for three years
  • in three years: experiments are going on, the shelter is being built, there's rainwater catchment, the food forest is growing and producing, workshops (on healthy lifestyle), exchange markets and other activities are organised
  • we do not use money, there's abundance

Practical steps:
  • search for people who are willing to help (likeminded)
  • search for land, provided by someone backing the project
  • observe the place thoroughly, think over all possibilities, brainstorm with others
  • keep all permaculture principles in mind
  • use what's there and what you receive
  • make good use of offered services and materials
  • think of the best function(s) for the offered materials
  • (re-)use as much as possible of the water, soil and materials
  • make good use of wind and sun, but prevent their negative influences
  • build the network of likeminded and positive people
  • chances for all kind of people
  • produce what's needed, based on what's available and possible
  • quality over quantity
  • don't do too much, let others do their part and colaborate
  • see the positive side of 'failures' and 'mistakes'
  • take a next step when needed / possible
  • if needed adjust the plan

Plan originally written in Dutch 2016 Dec. 4-7, by Inge Leonora-den Ouden
Translated in English 2016 Dec. 30.

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